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NEWS: GIVEAWAY 2013 - story (English ver.)

This is the story how to come to Seoul in the easier and funnier way ^_^ This is an article for competition but it's after results. So it's similar to fan fiction, but it's not really that at all. So read and have fun :-)

 One day you wake up and you run into a brilliant idea - you'll go to Seoul! Quickly you dress up, brush your teeth, doing your makeup, say goodbye to your parents and Go! In the shed you find one circle bike, which willingly get on. You are going with a rhythmic pace towards the Bieszczadzki National Park. After 50 km your back face starting to hurt, so you are doing a little stop at a gas station, where a routine refueling your bike and wash windshield. Just washer fluid, a coffe to your hand, in order to stay awake (anyway you have both hands free) and you're back on the road. You get to the National Park. You walk into quietly by invisible hat, causing only the merciless roar of deers and maiming 10 guards.  Inside you choose the best bison and just take it for yourself - it's nothing because you know k-pop - you're special! You assume sadle on your bison , bike into the bushes, backpack onto your back andyou are going to Minsk. There "you borrow" from the hermit's his yak, because your bison can't run all the time. Next step of the journey passes you on listening to the screams of your new means of transport (the yak of of this hermit), which for five hours invariably sounded "ox ox ox ... ", but then your patience also has limits. You reach to Moscow, where you turn yak to the lamp of Aladdin. You hit on such not so good gin. You have a choice: money or personal happiness. You choose of course money, because your pockets are empty, poverty! You do not even have pockets... Gin gives you a credit card. Nearby there is no cash dispenser, so you run to a nearest from you. You get to the Karaganda (Kazakhstan) and there you check the status of your account. And there what? Debit! And it's in francs. You throw away the lamp into a random bin strongly radioactive, made ​​of paper and doing another robbery. You have a paraglider! You jump from nearby cliff, and because you don't know how how to control this, you almost dying. Falling you pray for a miracle and here ... suddenly grabs you a pensioner (born in 1899). You tell him about your dream, and he gives you the coordinates of his friend since school, which has a Kawasaki (Japanese motor). He lives nearso you rush there. Dear, rotten grandpa in the helmet gave you motor and ride! You get to the Urumqi (China) because it's not enough fuel. The last forces you find a cozy forest. You fall under some tree and you feel like it's your last hour has struck. And this is just 1st day! You go to sleep. After waking up you quickly calling to your worried parents by using an advanced technology called "echo". Then you get up from the soil and go wash in a nearby stream, then you move without breakfast straight to Shenyang (China). There, politely apologized quietly steal a poor farmer his private pterodactyl, on which you are flying above North Korea. You almost three times you become shot down, but you dino got hit. You need an emergency landing in South Korea in the mountains inhabited by Gumiho. Great spirit of the forest adopts you under his wing (or rather tails) and heals your dino ^. ^ In exchange for all you promise him a tasty liver (you know what I mean right? ;-)] He gave you the wolf, who took you straight to the center of Korea - Seoul. Finally here!  ^ _ ^

I hope you like it ^.^
Miyu Kim

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